Fogged Records Has Launched

"Record Label To The Stars. ElecTRONIK music for the dumb age. White Limo-WhoMoHow out now!"

Hello All,

      Some of you I know, some of you I'm meeting for the first time and I just know you traffic in cool and/or slash good records. So here's the pitch: 

First the regular stuff that fits ohh so nice on websites and one sheets:

White Limo or White Limousine Impatient Truck Plus Special Guest is an electronic trio featuring Chris Cooper of Fat Worm Of Error, The BSC, and Anghst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Jess Goddard of Fat Worm Of Error and Schurt Kwitters, and Josh Vrysen of Tumble Cat Poof Poofey Poof. The group came together around 2008 in Western Massachusetts with the interest of creating some cold devilish techno music after venturing in the realm of noise rock, improv, EAI, performance and noise for over a decade each. Almost five years later their first record WhoMohW has just dropped as the first release on the brand new Fogged Records.

Second my weird/dumb/not-acting-in-my-own-or-the-band's-best-interest description of the record

Well I put out a record in the overtime year non-Quezcoatled year 2013  from three old timers using 80s and 90s gear, clunky, raw, and unattractive looking stuff. But then that's this record, aint it? Clunky, raw, junk sounds and a lot of space to let them clunk through the mix. The mix is the mix, bass is bass, and treble is treble. Let some curdling tape warp loop mutate into a little deep pulse to nod out to. Wait, something else happened now some blurry synth plop is making a little lead line. It's a record that moves a lot, but I would never call it "busy", again, there's space. The album repeats it's points. I sort of got what was going on during the first listen, but there is something oh so rewarding about watching the record grow in your own mind and spread out. Then I'm back to the overtime year. I mean why the fuck release  an expensive ass piece of wax in 2013? Why print up 500 of them when you know that's going to be next to impossible to sell? Well, cuz I believe in the record, duh. I mean it's of 2013, well not really. It's more of stuff past 2012. It's music for Now and Later, a candy that doesn't taste good. It's a singular record that has got some steady genre signifiers, it aint Outsider Music, it aint stumbled upon genius music, it's competent, odd, singular music by experienced improvisers, song writers, and amazing listeners. I got the money shot for ya'll, "techno", "improvisation," "psychedelic", and those all do it justice, don't get it twisted for one moment. There are even bands I could name Pan Sonic comes to mind fast. Ian Fraser said The League Of Automatic Music Composers, I don't hear it as much, but he is one hell of a programer and musician, so why not. Ohh damn, I'm rambling again, to the people I want to buy this thing. Well, what can you say about a record you are incredibly enamored with and love that you have the honor of releasing....Well, first off that I mean what I just said, not saying it because I dropped the thing. Second thing I can say is that this is a difficult and exciting record that doesn't hind behind softness or loudness, dynamics improvisation outside the idiomatic improvisation world. Wow, a lot.

White Limo: WhoMohW: